2010 Vermeer D100x120 Series II

Two Rig Package! - 100,000 Lbs of Pullback and 12,000 Ft-lbs of Rotational Torque! 8,569 hours.

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General Description:

2010 Vermeer D100x120 Series II Directional Drill:
Sellers Notes:
-8569 original hours with new engine at 1500 hours.
-All major components were replaced in 2022 and new Kerr pump was just installed.

2008 Vermeer D100x120 Series II Directional Drill:
Sellers Notes:
-Open Cab.
-New engine and major components replaced in the last two years (thrust motors, pumps, etc).

Mixing System(s):
NOT INCLUDED - Mud Reclaimers are available at an additional cost.

Package includes 700 feet of Drill Pipe.
NOT INCLUDED - Additional Pipe is available; condition unknown.

Basic Tooling, Rock and Dirt Heads.

Additional Information:
Sellers notes:
-Both rigs are field ready and currently working.
-All service/repair/refurbishment was done at the local Vermeer and records can be provided.


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